Should you attend Spelthorne Business Expo 2019?

If you are based in or have customers in Spelthorne, then the clear, resounding answer is YES, you should.

This exhibition and conference will offer a wealth of benefits to your business and missing out on them may also mean missing out on great opportunities for growth.

This brand new event for 2019 will be an incredibly rewarding form of marketing, networking and a way of generating new business, so what exactly are the advantages of attending SBE2019?


Meet and Connect with Potential Clients

Networking is a biggie, no matter which industry you’re in. Growing your audience means growing your business, and attending an exhibition helps with that. Standing out from the crowd and getting your voice heard can be challenging, and, if you’re trying to get new clients with just cold calling and emails, for example, you may find yourself being ignored.

Meeting someone face-to-face, however, it’s another matter. A trade show allows you to meet with a potential customer and connect with them and, while some people will buy your products during the exhibition, others won’t – but they may be a lot more responsive to your sales pitch once they know you.


Close Deals

While this is not always the case, you may also have the opportunity to sell to your target market during an exhibition or trade show. When you have a gathering of people already interested in the products and services you provide – and looking for great deals, which are often found in these types of events –, it’s easier to sell to them.

Compare that with emailing a Purchasing Manager or speaking to them on the phone, for example; they’re likely to have responsibilities to deal with and may not be as interested as they are when attending an exhibition in their field.